Everla-Stone​  by Innovative Builders

100% American Made

All of our products are proudly made in Cleveland Ohio, not overseas like so many of our competitors. 

Watch our video on the making of EVERLA-STONE.


Our shower wall panels have a simulated 12x12 tile design including a simulated grout line to complete the look of REAL tile but without the hassle and maintenance that goes along with real tile.

EVERLA-STONE is beauty and simplicity all in one. Made from processed Granite, Everla-Stone has a unique look, non-porous solid design and durability to last for years.


We carefully blend a mixture of crushed Granite, colored pigments and a polymer binding agent together and cast it out in a variety of finished products ranging from smooth sheets for counter tops, textured or smooth wall panels for showers and a host of accessories.  

Since Everla-Stone is non-porous, it does  not allow the growth of mold into the surface.  Simply wipe clean with any non-abrasive surface cleaner.