Everla-Stone​  by Innovative Builders

As an accent to our showers and vanity tops we have a variety of accessories to give your bathroom the finishing details that you have been looking for.

Everla-Stone is made from Granite through a special process that allows us to give it a unique color and finish that can be either smooth or textured like real tile and is colored all the way through from front to back with the same material.  Other products on the market use colored materials that are on the front surface only and if scratched or nicked the color will be chipped away and in most cases, is non-repairable, leaving a white or black base material showing through.  Additionally, some products will wear away and loose their shine or even yellow with age.  Everla-Stone is colored all the way through and as a result it can not be worn away and never yellows with age.

With a large variety of colors available, we are able to compliment and accent any room of your home or business.  Many of our competitors only offer a small handful of colors and do not do any custom fabrication for special sizes or shapes.

Featured products

  • Everla-Stone Showers are the perfect combination of Durability, Beauty and Ease of Cleaning.  With a textured tile look and feel they will bring a style unlike any other shower you have ever seen.

Why Everla-Stone over other products?

  • We offer vanity tops in a variety of sizes and styles that have the same Beauty, Durability and Ease of Cleaning as our showers and can be made to match the shower to give your bathroom a true finished look.

-Made From Granite

-Colored All The Way Through

​-Does Not Need Sealing

-Mold Proof

-Easy Cleaning

-Smooth or Textured Surface

-Shower Walls, Shower Floors & Counter Tops

-Won't Wear Away

-Won't Yellow Over Time

-Impact, Heat & Chemical Resistant


-Available in 49 Different Colors


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